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•    Innovated business ideas and creative concepts

•    Conducting independent studies with integrity

•    A clear-cut direction and strategy based on market research data

•    Gathering sound specialized knowledge and far reaching experts within the hospitality and leisure industry

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About us

International Hotel Development "IHD" a hospitality service company founded in 1998.

We are here today as a result of our hard work, persistence and dedication, also because we have been committed to the high standards and values. 
Trough our concentrated efforts we are providing the best services in the hospitality industry, through our objectives we are constantly developing and growing.

Our evolution as a company was based from the start on the belief that we could serve the Hospitality Industry with the most advanced and sophisticated  technologies as to achieve the best International exposure.

Key locations of focus have been most of the primary and secondary cities of the MENA region with International exposure to markets in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

IHD offers complete services from concept Development to Completion across different hospitality verticals including Hotels, Resorts and Integrated Mixed use Development. The hospitality we provide is unique for each project we undertake and are therefore tailored to meet each clients individual needs. IHD experience makes us ideally suited to assist you with your hospitality development project, from Feasibility study to Pre-opening and Opening. Whether you are building a new property, renovating, re-branding an existing Hotel or simply improving your day-to-day performance. At IHD we offer the ability to ensure that operational efficiencies and productivity levels contribute to the improved performance and success of your investment.

IHD Services

Initial Investigation Marketing and Sales, Ongoing Management Services, Technical Assistance and Pre Opening Operational Assistance 

​IHD Specializes in