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Hospitality Education

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in the world ! 25 million new jobs will be created by 2023, that is a growth of 3 % annum.

IHD officially represents the following hospitality institutes owned by Laureate Hospitality Education , a division of LaureateEducation,Inc

Laureate International Universities is the leading private International higher education  provider

Laureate Hospitality Education (LHE) is the world’s most extensive network of hospitality management schools.  With seven leading institutes of higher education, LHE provides the quality of Swiss hospitality education through highly-accredited programs in 5 different countries.Each institute offers a balanced curriculum of practical training, business management skills and a multicultural experience to prepare students for an international career in the fast-growing global hospitality industry. 

LHE institutes will offer you a wide choice of programs to

choose from. If you want to study for a diploma or Bachelors

degree or continue to your Masters degree or maybe thinking

about career change with a Postgraduate program.

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