International Exposure for Hotels

Global Distribution Systems "GDS Connectivity"
A worldwide computerized reservation network used as a single point of access for reserving Hotel rooms,Airline seats and other travel related items by Travel agents, Online reservation sites and Large corporations.
The premier Global Distribution Systems are Amadeus, Galileo,Sabre and Worldspan

Internet Distribution System "IDS"
A powerful travel industry Sales and Marketing channel
When your hotel is connected to the GDS and IDS you will reach over 1000 booking websites and more than 650.000 travel agents worldwide.

Internet Booking Engine "IBE"
Booking Engine is not a commodity. It is the Central Value driver.
The real value of an "IBE" is in the business rules  and processes that package the content and provide the capability to shop and purchase. This includes pricing rules, customized displays and check out and payment processes just to mention few.

Hotel Services

International Hotel Development - IHD through its associates and wide knowledge are capable to introduce the Hotel owners and new Hotel investors in the industry to the most reputable and known Hotel Management Companies, Franchisers and representation companies in the world.

IHD is one of the most dynamic management companies in the Hotel industry, backed by international investors who recognize the competitive edge and the numerous advantages that a broad-based, global approach to the hospitality industry offers. 

IHD has earned an excellent reputation for delivering quality products and services. This, coupled with its management team proactive decision-making and group profit orientation, has resulted in outstanding relationships with its clients.

IHD is a full-service Hotel company providing the following services:

  • Global Connectivity for Hotels GDS/IDS/IBE

  • Channel Manager

  • Hotel Management

  • Hotel Franchise

  • Hotel Sales & Marketing

  • Hotel Consultancy 

  • Hospitality Education

Channel Manager

RTChannelmanager is one of the most popular and powerful tools for online distribution worldwide. It allows you to quickly and efficiently manage inventory and rates across the largest network of connected channels from just one back office , this will save time, manpower and eliminate errors.